As a primary care physician, I need to know your sexual orientation so I can provide you with the healthcare that you deserve. Your sexual orientation is an incredibly important part of your medical history because there are certain screenings and vaccinations that you should be getting if you are a part of the LGBTQ community. For example, heart disease and cancer are still the top medical risks for ALL men. However, according to the CDC, men who have sex with men are also at high risk for HIV, Hepatitis, STD’s and depression. As your doctor, I need to discuss your individual health risks including are you properly vaccinated, do you have an emotional support system and are you educated about PrEP and PEP? So don’t assume your doctor knows your sexual orientation. Physicians should be asking but if they don’t and you don’t tell them, you’re the one that may be missing important preventative health measures. Gay Pride should carry into your everyday healthcare so make sure you feel comfortable speaking with your doctor about all of your health concerns.