Bralow Medical Group


Dr. Vicki Bralow – Family Practice MDVIP

Board certified in Family Practice, Dr Vicki Bralow has been practicing primary care for almost 30 years in Philadelphia, She accepts most insurances and Medicare. As an MDVIP-affiliated physician, her office visits are 30-60 minutes long. The MDVIP membership fee includes a yearly comprehensive executive physical and testing not paid for by your insurance company as well as extensive travel benefits. Her hospital affiliations include Pennsylvania Hospital and Thomas Jefferson University Hospital. “I love being a doctor and consider it a privilege to take care of my patients. Every day I encounter someone who is an inspiration to me as we work together overcoming their medical challenges or get closer to achieving their personal lifestyle goals. I look forward to being your physician partner as we begin your journey towards a healthier you.”

Dr. Scott Bralow – Primary Internal Medicine

Dr Scott Bralow has been practicing Internal Medicine in Philadelphia for over 25 years and accepts most insurances and Medicare. Dr Scott Bralow has the experience and expertise needed to take care of your acute and chronic medical problems with special interest in hypertension and kidney diseases. He also makes house calls for those patients who are nearby and homebound and he’s affiliated with the Mercy Healthcare system. “I enjoy working with families to provide excellent medical care and helping them out when navigating the complex health care system. Whether you have a sinus infection, need sutures, a work physical or have a chronic medical problem, I’m available to see and treat you.  So stop by to say hello and see if my practice meets your medical needs.”

Nikki Chestnut – Medical Assistant

Nikki was born and raised in South Philadelphia and always knew she wanted to work in healthcare. She graduated from the Thompson Institue in 2010 and worked for the University of Pennsylvania healthcare system for five years at both the Penn Pain Center and in the OB/GYN department.  During that time, she enjoyed patient care and was skilled at venipuncture, in-office testing and preparing patients for their doctor visits. She also developed an interest in the administrative side of medicine – especially billing – and went on to obtain an Associates Degree in Healthcare Administration graduating from that program in 2012. “ I love that I have experience ranging from front desk and billing to medical assisting and phlebotomy because this makes me extremely flexible and useful in many healthcare office environments.” Nikki was just accepted and will begin a Bachelor’s program at Drexel this Fall in Healthcare Administration. She has two beautiful children; Anthony who is eight and Addison who is four. She loves to binge-watch Netflix shows, hang out with family and friends and is also a big foodie. “I love working for the Bralow Medical Group because we strive to put our patients first. If you’re a patient then you know how valuable and meaningful that can be. The patient/doctor relationship, as well as the doctor/employee relationship is one-of- a-kind at Bralow Medical Group so you really feel like family when you’re here.”

Kayla Oliverio – Medical Assistant

Kayla graduated in 2012 from a 2-year program in which she obtained her Associates of Science Degree in Medical Assisting.  Besides answering phones, obtaining vital signs, doing venipuncture and assisting the doctor she now also enjoys performing the diagnostic testing for our MDVIP patients. When she was three years old her dream was to become a doctor because she loved helping people. Before joining Bralow Medical Group, she worked as the head MA in another Family Practice office. She is the mother of two children – her daughter who is 7 years-old and her son who is 7 months-old  – she stops at nothing to make sure her children have the best life possible. She loves to spend her weekends relaxing with her husband and children watching Disney movies! “I love working in an MDVIP office! My job is interesting and I enjoy spending time taking care of patients.”


Bindi is our calm and gentle 8 year-old dalmation which surprises many people who think dalmations are high-strung dogs. We’ve never found that to be the case with either of our dals. A “bindi” is the decorative mark worn in the middle of the forehead by Indian women – when we got this puppy she had a perfect bindi, hence her name. Bindi travels with us to the Outer Banks and the Jersey shore as well as traveling multiple times to NYC and Gettysburg where we visited our kids in college and grad school. Recently she was in the Blue Ridge mountains enjoying the Fall foliage and staying at a great B&B. Bindi lives with us on the 37 th floor of a Philadelphia high-rise and has tons of doggie friends in Washington Square Park. We bring her to the office about once a week where she provides love and comfort to our patients.