Family Practice – MDVIP

After 30 years of practicing primary care in Philadelphia, I’ve come to realize that a strong physician-patient relationship results in better health. I’ve affiliated with MDVIP (MD Value In Prevention) because this allows me to spend more time with my patients in order to tailor their individual medical needs. Whether it’s losing weight, controlling your sugars, chronic headaches, sinus infections, managing blood pressure or designing a wellness program for a healthier lifestyle, joining an MDVIP practice means your appointments are all 30-60 minutes long. We can answer all your questions, address your preventative care and review any testing results as well treat your sinus infection during our visits. Your time is also important whether you’re a stay-at-home mom, a small business owner, an executive, a laborer, a teacher or enjoying retirement so that’s why all of my appointments begin and end on time. I also communicate with my patients directly through my cell phone, texts and e-mail. Same day appointments are no problem and there are included travel benefits. A yearly comprehensive executive physical with extensive in-office testing are covered in the MDVIP fee and we accept all insurances. Managing chronic illnesses, wellness programs and weight loss coaching have better outcomes with more office visits so I encourage my patients to come in frequently without any out-of-pocket costs. Do yourself a favor and call to schedule a complimentary “meet and greet”. See what it’s like to join a Family Practice where you have a true medical home.

I am board certified in Family Practice and my hospital affiliations include Pennsylvania Hospital and the Thomas Jefferson University Hospital. I have developed close relationships with top specialists in many fields of medicine and surgery allowing me to speak directly to those experts about your specific medical needs and then scheduling your appointments in a timely fashion. I understand how to navigate today’s healthcare system and will always be your advocate for any healthcare concerns outside of my office.

Benefits of MDVIP Membership
  • 30 to 60-minute appointments that begin on time
  • Same-day or next-day visits
  • 24/7 direct contact with Dr. Bralow via text, cell phone or email
  • Individualized Annual Wellness Program
  • Yearly Executive Physical with pulmonary and vascular testing, vision and hearing screening, a Bodymetric analysis and blood sent to the  Cleveland Heart Lab to assess cardiovascular risk
  • Coordination of care with specialists
  • Extensive Travel Benefits
  • Dependants 26 and younger included with a paying parent
Membership Fee

The yearly fee is $1650 paid quarterly, semi-annually or annually. You may use your American Express, Master Card, Visa or Discover Card.  Additionally, members can take advantage of convenient automatic payments through a checking or savings account electronic debit option.

Health Savings Account / Flexible Spending Account

The $1650 membership can be paid through your HSA or FSA if you have one at work.


Direct Hospital Affiliations
  • Pennsylvania Hospital
  • Thomas Jefferson University Hospital
Hospital Visits

I will be visiting patients admitted to Pennsylvania Hospital and Jefferson Hospital. I will be speaking to the attending physicians at any other hospitals. Either way I will be directly involved in your hospital admission to facilitate your care, coordinate your discharge planning and always to be your health advocate.


Annual Wellness Program

Using the information we gather during your yearly executive physical and testing, we will design a nutrition and exercise program to meet your needs. This may also include education for diabetes and heart disease as well as arranging your preventative care. We will continue to work throughout the year in order to meet your health care goals.


Is Medicare Accepted? Other Insurances?

Yes, MDVIP affiliated practices are compatible with Medicare and most medical insurances.  Your annual fee covers those services not reimbursed by Medicare or other insurance companies.  Your Medicare Part B coverage will continue to work as it currently does. An MDVIP membership supplements traditional insurance by emphasizing preventive measures and proactive care to keep you healthy and happy.

Travel and Visitor Benefits

MDVIP physicians are located all over the USA. If you become ill while traveling, I will arrange for an MDVIP physician to see you (same or next day) after you call me and we decide your problem cannot be handled over the phone. No more urgent care or non-emergent ER visits when you’re away and get sick. Anyone that is visiting you and gets sick can also be seen in my office for a small co-pay.


Is the Annual Fee Tax Deductible?

For patients who itemize medical expenses on their tax returns, the annual fee may be deductible.  We recommend that you speak with your accountant if you have specific questions.