My blood sugars are below 90. My cholesterol is below 160. My LDL is below 70. I’ve lost a lot of body fat without trying. My freezer is pretty empty. My refrigerator is full of fruits and vegetables. My food cabinets have mostly spices, oils, some canned tomatoes, cereal, pasta, dried beans and baking supplies.  I make a lot of soups. I spend most of my supermarket time in the produce section. I read a lot of food labels. My dog is now on a raw diet and has also slimmed down. I’ve increased my knowledge base about nutrition 1000%. I eat and like tofu. I love beans. Collards can be made without bacon. Kale comes in many different varieties. Peppers come in a lot of colors. Swiss chard stalks can be red, white, yellow and green. An eggplant is a nightshade. Tomatoes have lycopene. I now know what Ezekial bread is and it’s nothing religious. Cabbage is great to reduce inflammation – as a skin poultice or by eating it! Jams and preserves exist without added sugar. Hummus is not really that healthy, sorry. I started ordering vegetarian entrees in restaurants and they’re great. Asian restaurants cook tofu in many different ways. I like almond milk. I don’t miss cow’s milk. Almond milk yogurt tastes like “regular” yogurt. My carbon footprint is very tiny now that I hardly eat meat. I can admit cows are cute since I’m not eating them. Chickens and pigs too. I’ve taken cooking classes. There’s added sugar in almost all processed food. Fructose is a sugar but it makes fat. My husband will now eat peas and squash. I cook with miso. I eat seaweed. Non-dairy cheese is just a bunch of fake additives and is gross. I understand what makes a good olive oil. Plants have cellulose and our thighs have cellulite. People that eat no meat should take B12 supplements. My hot flashes are gone. I have no more bloating. I still hate to exercise. My grocery bills are way down. I stopped eating chemicals. I eat very little trans-fats and saturated fats. My skin looks great. I learned that avocado oil is “neutral”. I found out that avocado oil even exists. Seeds are better if we eat them and plant them, who knew? There’s a lot of fresh mushroom varieties. Dried mushrooms last forever. I am a flexitarian. Coconut sugar really exists. Coconut oil is not good for you. Brown rice can also be a syrup that’s sweet. Farro is an ancient grain. Broccoli is a superfood. Plants have phytonutrients. When we eat plants, we get those phytonutrients. Quinoa can be prepared as a hot cereal and is delicious. And finally…dark chocolate is excellent.