A summer holiday weekend stretches in front of us and so does the accompanying heat. Today 92, Saturday 90, Sunday 91, Monday 90, Tuesday 88…you get the picture. But what makes these next days especially uncomfortable is the high humidity. We feel good with humidity at 30-40%. Today the humidity will be 53% and Saturday it hits 66%. Saturday’s 90 degrees will actually feel closer to 100 degrees! High humidity is dangerous. We naturally cool our bodies with sweat evaporation but if the air is already moist, it doesn’t readily absorb your sweat so you can’t cool down. As your core body temperature rises your body reacts by working even harder to cool off so you sweat more profusely. Heat exhaustion occurs from this fluid and mineral loss with symptoms of leg cramps, headaches, fainting, fatigue, rapid heart rate, flushing and, confusion. As the heat and humidity rises, plan your outside exercising for the early morning or late afternoon. Drink plenty of water and stay indoors with air-conditioning if you’re feeling too hot and sticky. Be happy, healthy and smart while enjoying your summer holiday weekend.