Morning java with processed corn syrup – yuck. But this is what millions of health conscious people start their day drinking because Fat Free Half & Half just replaces the cream with skim milk and corn syrup! For years the public has been inundated with ads and advice on how to replace high fat food products with low fat food products but we’re still not losing weight or getting any healthier! So, what’s the problem? What we’re actually doing is exchanging fatty foods with heavily processed foods because the fat in these foods are actually replaced with sugar, preservatives, sodium, and thickeners creating the taste, texture and consistency similar to the original high fat food. Clearly, this is not the answer to a healthier diet. The food industry does not have your best interest in mind so READ LABELS that detail the ingredients in your low-fat alternative foods. You may unknowingly be sabotaging your health while thinking you’re taking steps to a healthier diet.