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My experience as a patient at Bralow Medical Group was a pleasure as always. The personal and individualized treatment from you and your staff is a delight. Also not having to wait is very important with my hectic schedule! grazie ciao


I was used to leaving doctor appointments feeling frustrated, often tearful that I wasn’t being heard. Waiting for an hour for a 10-minute appointment with a physician who never fully understand my complex history was upsetting. I am happy I switched to Dr. Bralow and MDVIP. I can count on Dr. Bralow to accommodate me, and she cares about me as a person.


Same great doctors, but a NEW LOCATION. If your looking for a new doctor or changing from your current one you should definitely consider them. They take their time, and they never rush you. Their very caring, compassionate and friendly. They specialize in many area of medicine. Lab work is done on premise.


A tremendous clinician who puts patients first! I highly recommend the practice.


Love Dr. Bralow so! When she told me she was moving her practice, it didn’t matter where I’d follow her anywhere!


What an amazing doctor! Dr. Bralow is always so attentive and caring! Highly recommend!


Vicki is a great Doctor. Takes the time with me to listen and etc. I highly recommend her.


Needed to see a doctor ASAP. They fit me in immediately and were terrific! Highly recommend!


Dr. Vicki Bralow’s Bulletins

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The week’s medical “hot topic” along with COVID-19 updates

Edition #126 - est 3/2020 This week's Bulletin discusses poison ivy along with the latest updates on COVID-19: POISON IVY Poison ivy is a common poisonous plant that produces an oily sap
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The week’s medical “hot topic” along with COVID-19 updates

 July 9th, 2021 Edition #125 - est 3/2020 This week's Bulletin discusses how to avoid heat injuries during these extremely hot and humid summer days along with the latest updates
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The week’s medical “hot topic” along with COVID-19 updates

This week's Bulletin discusses the controversy regarding a new drug approved in early June to treat Alzheimer's disease called Aduhelm (aducanumab). There is serious division in the
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Our Own Dr. Vicki Bralow is an

MDVIP-Affiliated Physician

As an MDVIP-affiliated physician, I utilize the annual wellness program and extended visits to develop personalized care plans with my patients. We manage chronic medical problems with healthier lifestyles that include whole foods, exercise, stress reduction techniques, risk factor reduction, vitamin supplements and medication when necessary. I provide education about ketogenic diets, paleo diets, low-carb diets, reading food label ingredients and understanding the nutritional value in the foods we eat. We learn how exercising to burn fat mass differs from exercise to improve core strength for balance. Many patients are now in control of chronic medical problems like Lyme disease, depression, anxiety, digestive disorders, diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer and heart disease rather than those problems controlling them.


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